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Explosive detection is a non-destructive inspection process to determine whether a container contains explosive material. Explosive detection is commonly used at airports, ports, for border control, etc. Most explosives are not water soluble, and it is very hard to get rid of traces on the hands even after washing with water and soap. Explosive traces can be found on undisturbed objects even months after the actual explosive has been removed.

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EXPRAY Explosive Detection Kit / 50 Tests EXPRAY Explosive Detection Kit / 50 Tests
This product only can be shipped in US only Expray is a unique, aerosol-based explosive detection system field test kit for the explosives detection...
Explosives Detection Field Test Kit - DropEx Plus Explosives Detection Field Test Kit - DropEx Plus
This product only can be shipped in US only Drop-Ex Plus is our newest Explosive Detection and Identification Kit. Now it is includes P.D.K. explosive...
EXPRAY Explosives Detection Field Test Kit / 100 Tests EXPRAY Explosives Detection Field Test Kit / 100 Tests
This product only can be shipped in US only Expray is a unique, aerosol-based field test kit for the detection and identification of Group A...
Multi Drug Test Spray Multi Drug Test Spray
This product only can be shipped in US only Multi Drug Spray Test. 100 Tests Kit! Multi Drug Spray Test includes two canister of sprays and four packs...

Expray Explosive Detection Technology

Expray is a unique, aerosol-based field test kit for the detection and identification of Group A explosives (e.g. TNT, TNB, etc.), Group B explosives (e.g. Semtex H, RDX, C4, etc.) and compounds containing inorganic nitrates that are used in improvised explosives (e.g. ANFO). Expray is used as a pre-blast, analytical tool, and post-blast investigative tool, to screen against potential terrorist elements, and as a technical evaluation test in soil remediation on hazardous material "clean-up" sites. When used as a post-blast investigative tool, the product is proven to speed up crucial investigations.

DropEx Explosive Detection Kit

DropEx is a non-aerosol explosive detection kit based on the same chemistry as EXPRAY. However, the DropEx Plus kit offers additional detection capabilities. DropEx Plus detects the widest possible range of explosive types, due to its ability to detect the Chlorate and Peroxide-based explosives often used for improvised explosives.

Importance of Trace Explosive Detection Devices Nowadays

New advancements are being made each day in the field of military hardware to protect your own country as atomic powers are emerging each country feels the need of being prepared. There are agencies working for the betterment of the human race while others who train people to become suicide bombers. The cause for people doing this may vary but what should be noted here is that innocent lives are being lost and people are being killed without even knowing why. To put an end to this madness trace explosive detection devices were introduced which are portable like a suitcase detecting explosive material without any errors.

We can see why world has become such an unsafe and dangerous place for people to survive. The rule of the jungle is now being followed where they say it’s the survival of the fittest. People use every necessary means to get what they want and make sure they are heard. If this is on a legal level then well and good but there are people who are willing to misuse their intelligence and power to be self centered without thinking about other’s lives. Suicide bombing has now become so common and guns and weapons are available to each individual easily. Now banning military hardware to all citizens was not the solution as people purchase guns and ammos to defend themselves from any outside threat. Therefore to at least minimize these bomb threats machines and devices like explosive detection device and trace explosive detection device (TED) were introduced. At first these machines were kept secret and on a government level till they were checked and made sure run smoothly without giving false results. Since the task of a trace explosive detection device is tough and tricky science has made much advancement in the past 3 years to make them better and impossible to trick those machines. Once the government felt satisfied and safe for trace explosive detection devices to be used by the professionals including police, military, bomb squads etc they were introduced into the market.

The main purpose of a trace explosive detection device is to any explosive/bomb material inside a luggage, package of any kind and so on without even opening them. They are not huge like the ones installed in airports and malls etc but are the size of a suitcase and can be carried around. These devices consist of a portable computer that has a database of explosive materials and once the luggage is swabbed through the scanner the machine can detect whether it is free of explosive materials or not. Even know TED is available to each citizen that can be purchased online and without having a professional training to operate them. The whole guidebook comes along the device and can be followed without any problem.

To minimize bomb threats in every place whether it is crowded or high on security levels by the government trace explosive detection devices are kept stand by in case of an emergency with professionals to operate it. Polices and military also have this machine but bomb squads are the ones who are well trained for operating them and for a bomb emergency. One of these devices can be purchased by any personnel and can be used for their own safety and self defense. For different types of trace explosive detection devices you can search the internet and find out which type can suit you best.